Brajovic: SD defends the country and corrects errors in the economy

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At the Social Democrats’ convention held on Wednesday evening in Budva, SD president and the first candidate on the party’s list Ivan Brajovic said that a peaceful, rich wave of creative energy is spreading throughout Montenegro, a SD’s wave which works as a family and treats each person with respect.


“We treat everyone as we would like to be treated ourselves. This gives us the strength to say that we are strong in every surrounding. We are strong because we do not care what others are saying about us. Our slogan ‘Consistency’ shows that – we chose it because it describes us best, since we have been consistently committed to Montenegro and its interests. Therefore, Montenegro can believe us”, Brajovic said.

He said that the Social Democrats are well aware of all the good things that have been done in Montenegro, because they participated in them, but also the things that were missed to be done. Therefore, he says, SD will be changing Montenegro for the better.

“We consider everyone who supports our values ​​and attitudes, who wants to discuss the programme and not posts, as our partners. SD defends the country and corrects errors in the economy”, SD president said.


He added that the anti-state policy was dangerous for Montenegro, but also the wrong development model. Therefore SD offers a different model in the economy.

“We are the guarantor of political and economic stability, because we defend Montenegro by trying to develop it properly in terms of economy so that everyone has enough and in order to share what we generated in a fairer way”, Brajovic said.

SD vice president Vujica Lazovic said that two coalitions can be recognised in Montenegro – the one that supports development, which is mainly based on SD programme and anti-state coalition – which has been joined by SDP and URA, with a completely opposite course of action.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro