Brajovic should resign

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Social Democratic Party (SD) leader Ivan Brajovic should submit an irrevocable resignation as the president of the Montenegrin Parliament for double responsibility in the “Ramada” case, said vice president of the Citizens’ Movement URA Milos Konatar.

“If there is a little political morality, responsibility and dignity left in the SD President Ivan Brajovic, he should submit an irrevocable resignation to the position of the President of the Parliament of Montenegro, because of the double responsibility in the ” Ramada” case. In addition to the fact that Brajovic appointed the defendant Obradovic as director of the Railway Directorate, which bears professional and moral responsibility, Brajovic also gave false testimony in court in an attempt to obstruct the trial, thereby deliberately committing a criminal offense,” Konatar said at today’s press conference.

He quoted the verdict, which became valid at the Appellate Court, which according to Konatar says that Ivan Brajovic “consciously testified with the aim of facilitating the position of the defendant Obradovic and in doing so he presented a series of untruths, proved as such by the evidence.”

Konatar pointed out that “in the modern Montenegrin political history there was no smaller party and bigger pests than the Social Democrats.”

“Thus, the President of the Parliament has, above all, showed his attitude towards the judiciary of this country, his desire to sincerely fight corruption and abuse of state resources, but also went a step further, so in the style of a criminal group member, as a witness, he mislead the court to the wrong conclusion and knowingly obstructed this criminal proceeding,”Konatar said.

Source: Radio Television Montenegro