Brajovic to sanction DF

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Democratic Party of Socialists MP , Marta Scepanović has urged President of Montenegrin Parliament Ivan Brajovic to sanction the behavior of the Democratic Front (DF) MPs, who, accoridng to her, violated the Parliament’s Rules of Procedure.

Reacting to the incident that took place at the session of the Administrative Board, Scepanovic has urged the competent state authorities to respond to “the most dangerous threats and intimidation of the members of the Administration Board”.

“You have had the opportunity to see the indicent behaviour. The court of the public is the best court. I have no comment on vocabulary that was used yesterday. I want the President of the Parliament to sanction the behavior of the Democratic Front (DF) MPs who have violated the Rules of Procedure of the Parliament,” Scepanovic said at the press confernce. A member of the DPS committee, Milorad Vuletic, assessed that all DF projects related to demonstrations and gathering had collapsed, stating that it was good that the DF MPs had come to the board meeting yesterday.

“They showed that the parliament is legitimate. The one who does not respect the state organs does not respect the state either The committee just did its job, ” Vuletic said.

Source: Radio Television Montenegro