Brajovic: We will work with solutions, and not promises

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President of the Socialdemocrats of Montenegro, Ivan Brajovic, said that SD will deal with solutions, and not promises and that ahead of Montenegrin citizens are choices of how will Montenegro change and who will be changing it.

“Will Montenegro change for better, and it should because in spite of good results there are many challenges still ahead, or will it change for worse. And will it be changed by those who want to take it back in the past, or by us who are looking towards the future. But most of all, at these elections we’re deciding how will we live”, he said.

The goal of their party, emphasized Brajovic, is to be consistently dedicated to opening of new jobs, economic growth, equality, and most of all giving perspective to young people.

“This is the essence of the Partnership for strong economic development – the third big goal which after renewing independence and NATO membership we’re offering to Montenegrin citizens. We will deal with solutions and not empty promises in our campaign. While others were fighting we were working. Thanks to this majority of the most importan development projects in Montenegro are now realized in institutions with our people. Behind us are actions, behind others are empty words”, he said.

President of Socialdemocrats said that they will be the most pleasant surprise at the elections on which they will repeat the excellent result that they had achieved at their first individual elections at local elections in Tivat.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro