Bralic, Danilovic, Damjanovic, Markovic and Vukovic new ministers?

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Lex Specialis, according to which the opposition will join the government in the parliamentary procedure, was yesterday afternoon sent to the government by independent MPs Dritan Abazovic and Goran Danilovic.

It is expected that the Collegium meets today to schedule a date for the session of the Assembly, to discuss LS, staffing solutions in the transitional government, and the issue of Ranko Krivokapic’s dismissal from the post of parliament speaker. The session could be held before the national holidays, which means no later than Thursday.

The last few days passed in intensive communication between Demos, GPS URA, SDP and SNP, on personnel propositions for the Government, meaning that political circles already came up with a list of potential ministers. According to findings of Dnevne Novine daily, the most serious candidate for the Deputy Prime Minister’s position at the moment is Secretary General of the Social Democratic Party, Ramo Bralic, who previously served as Director of the Health Fund, a government minister and ambassador to Turkey.

Some calculations mention SDP’s MP Rifat Rastoder as a candidate for this post. Rumor has it that the Vice President of Demos and longtime deputy, Goran Danilovic, will be the new interior minister, and that former Deputy Agriculture Minister, Milan Markovic, who recently joined URA, will now occupy the position of the Minister of Agriculture. If the Agreement gets adopted, the Socialist People’s Party is looking at two ministerial posts. Dnevne Novine unofficially found out that the Minister of Finance should be Aleksandar Damjanovic, and Minister of Labor and Social Welfare, Natasa Vukovic, who in the previous government served as SNP’s deputy.

Vice president of URA, Dritan Abazovic, told the media yesterday that the Lex Specialis is already in parliamentary procedure and that he expects the political agreement will formally be signed today.

The session of the Assembly is eagerly awaited by all, perhaps the most by members of the Democratic Front, who will return to their benches after six months of protesting and abstention.

Aleksandar Damjanovic said for RTCG that the SNP will participate in the Government, discuss the Lex Specialis, but will not sign the political Agreement. He explained this has been their positon from the get go. He did not wish to discuss cadre proposals because it is too early.

After discussing the dismissal of Krivokapic, acting President of the Assembly should be Milutin Simovic, until the session at which someone else will be elected to do the job until the election.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro