Budget of Podgorica EUR 55 million

The budget of the Capital City of Podgorica for the next year is projected at slightly more than 55.2 million Euros. The draft decision on the budget, which will be read by the members of the local parliament, says that in the coming year on the current budget would be spent almost 30 million Euros.

Capital Budget, as stated in the decision, is planned to slightly less than 23 million Euros, while almost EUR 2.7 million is provided for the “debt repayment”.

As regards receipts, most funds in the budget is expected to come from taxes 25.7 million Euros, while from the fees it is expected around two million Euros. Most of the funds in the city budget is planned from fees for municipal construction land – 7.9 million.

The city will, as stated in the Draft Decision, receive income from the sale of real estate around 4.3 million, while from “the previous year” it will be transferred 10.3 million.

The draft decision on the budget from today on is on 15 days long public debate, while the central public debate is scheduled for 26 November, at ten o’clock, in KIC Budo Tomovic.

Izvor: RTV Montenegro