Budva: Aqua park ready for the forthcoming season

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Building of a modern aqua park on the hill Spas above Budva is finally finished, and as Dnevne Novine daily confirmed from multiple sources close to the investor, the opening ceremony will be organized on June 15.

The famed yet elusive Aqua park is finally ready to welcome the summer season. The project was led by the Russian company “Aquaterra solutions”, which says the park was completed on schedule.

Pursuant to the agreement signed a little over a year ago between the then mayor of Budva, Lazar Radjenovic, and a member of the board of Aquaterra solutions, Sahret Hajdarpašić, the company is leasing 42,000 square meters of land for which it will annually be paying 240.000 euros over the next 30 years. The first two installments will, however, be 50 percent reduced until the completion of the park and obtaining use permits.

By concluding these agreements and the construction of an amusement aqua park on the Spas hill, the Municipality of Budva has earned 2,000,000 euros.

Aqua park elusive for 10 years

The story of an Aqua park began back in 2006, when the municipality of Budva rented the same land to a Cyprus-based company “Numerico Trade Limited”. Then Minister of Tourism, Predrag Nenezic, even set the cornerstone.

However, the business soon failed, and the municipality undertook the Cypriots’ loan of 1.6 million euros. After that, the municipality had to pay 300.000 euros a year for the equipment’s storage in the port of Bar, since it was bought and left there to wait for assembly.

Selling the amusement park equipment to Aquaterra solutions, the municipality has earned two million euros.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro