Budva full

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There are 66.800 guests vacationing in Budva currently, which makes up a half of total guests currently in Montenegro. TO Budva states that these results make the first week of August 4% better than last year. Everyone in Budva can see and feel that the city is full.

Cars, traffic jams, crowded beaches, lack of parking space, crowds in shops, banks etc are a common occurrence in the capital of tourism during the last ten days.

No one is yet speaking of this seasons results, but it is certain that the city has never been more full.

TO Budva confirms that an exact number of tourists cannot be known, because they do not have an exact data on private accommodation capacities.

There are 14.189 tourists in hotels, which matches last year. It is estimated that there are 5% more tourists in private accommodation this year.

Bar same as last year

TO Bar stated that there are currently 16.863 tourists in Bar, which is 3% more than last year. There are 3.184 guests in hotels, 915 in vacation houses and 12.764 in private accommodation. Foreign tourists are 16.559 in number, while national 304.

More guests in Tivat

There are 7.438 guests in Tivat, which is 27% more than last year. 7,37% are international, and 62 from Montenegro. There are 6.192 guests in private accommodation, 1.029 in hotels, 129 in vacation houses and 88 in camps.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro