Budva Riviera hotels doing well: Netherlands back to Mediterranean

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After almost thirty years of break, Netherlands citizens are back to vacationing in hotels of Budva Riviera, and prognosis for the next season are also promising. In six months this season, 130 thousand nights were booked, 9% more this June than the last. Seasonal workers are predominantly from Montenegro.

Hotel group Budva Riviera marks an increase in revenue of 7% compared to first six months of last year.

In pre-season, the number of nights increased for 11%. With 90 thousand booked nights in June, the revenues increased for 9%, Portal RTCG quoted executive director of Budvanska Riviera Katarina Kažanegra.

“Positive trend of growth will continue during the season. We also expect improvements in post-season, which is a time interesting for the market of North-Western Europe. Evidently, this season is better than the last, which was also great with 400 thousand booked nights. 130 thousand nights were booked in our hotels since the beginning of this year”, Kažanegra said.

Guest structure is changing

She said that structure of guests is changing from month to month.

“In pre-season, French were dominant, and in June, Russian market took over”, Kažanegra said.

Netherlands is a growing market with 10 times more revenue from visits in June.

“I am sure this trend will continue until October. Due to tour-operator TUI Nederland’s activities and introducing charter flights, Netherlands citizens returned to Montenegro’s market. Exclusive information is about negotiations for 2017. If it all concludes successfully, a dispersion of tourist markets will happen. Scandinavian countries will become more predominant in our market. It all began in Utrecht in January, with an excellent presentation of TO Budva”, Kažanegra said.

She said that it is interesting that there are a lot of Italians in Montenegro, although August is traditionally reserved for ferragosto.

“It is unusual that we had Italian guests during the last month, but we expect it to continue in July and August as well. We already have next year booked – atypical, but productive. What is interesting is that Turkey also marks a growth this year on our Market. Then we have Finland, Slovakia, Norway, Poland, etc, but you can see a clear pattern of expansion“, Kažanegra said.

Seasonal workers

HG Budva Riviera is constantly improving its accommodation, service quality, modern trends. This year it has best guest votes, with over 90% of approval.

“We were the first to introduce ecological standards and we have Eco Label certificate. We were the first to introduce safety standards on food and drink ISO 22000 and HACCP, and integrated EU standards 9001 i 14001. This is the first introduction of these standards to Montenegro, and I expect that we will have them by August”, she said.

They have seasonal workers this year as well, 99% through Employment Bureau, in accordance with current regulations.

“We have 498 seasonal workers employed, and an insignificant number of them are foreign citizens. Our nationals are mostly employed as cooks, bakers etc. We also have a cooperation with High School for Hospitality Sergej Stanić from Podgorica, and similar schools from Nikšić and Budva. They are doing their practice with mentors. We have 25 students in this program currently”, Kažanegra concluded.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro