Budva: Taxi driver licenses of those who charge exaggerated fares will be revoked!

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Illegal taxi drivers, who charge their services at exorbitant prices, thus cheating tourists in Budva, will face revocation of their taxi driver licenses. It was announced yesterday by Srdja Popovic, the president of the Municipality of Budva, who invited people to report any illegal taxi drivers, as well as those who cheat visitors staying in the town.

Due to increasing number of media reports on taxi drivers’ malpractice in Budva (CdM also reported in the topic a few days), the president of the municipality said that radical measures were being applied.

“The municipality has not issued a single license, which means that there can be only 395 taxi vehicles on the streets in Budva. Unfortunately, we still face the problem of illegal taxi drivers. I call on all tourists and residents of the town to report every taxi vehicle without characteristic license plates and, as well as anyone who charge taxi service at several times higher prices”, Popovic warned.

Commenting on the financial situation in the municipality, Popovic said that stability was gradually being established.

“These days we have a good budget revenue inflow, we have managed to pay salaries. Currently, the municipality owes only one salary to its employees”, Popovic said.

Detailed spatial plan Buljarica is to be discussed by the municipal assembly on Monday

Popovic said that the Ministry of Sustainable Development and Tourism had approved the detailed spatial plan Buljarica 1, thus creating all the prerequisites for the Municipal Assembly to adopt it on Monday.

“I suggested adopting the document. We have managed to complete the thing that has been waited for eight years and the owners of land in the area of Buljarica 1 are satisfied. The locals will finally be able to valorise their facilities and land,” Popovic said.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro