Building of Moracica to start next week

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Ministry of Sustainable Development and Tourism will issue a building permit to the Ministry of Transport for the construction of the bridge Moracica at the beginning of next week.

At the same time, construction works began on one of the two most complex objects in the route of the highway Bar – Boljare, from Smokovac to Matesevo, the tunnel Vjeternik above Pelev Brijeg.

The bridge Moracica will be built by investor, Chinese company China Road and Bridge Corporation (CRBC). The construction works of the bridge, the same like the tunnel Vjeternik, will probably be done in three shifts in order to finish on time the most demanding facilities on the section from Smokovac to Mateševa.

The bridge Moracica, a control project of the highway, is long 960 meters while the highest pillar is 158 meters high. The bridge location, between the tunnels Mrka and Klopot, goes over the valley with the river and moves to the opposite hill.

Team of daily ‘Pobjeda’ went there and confirmed that the preparatory work for the construction of the tunnel has already started.

Source: Radio Television Montenegro