Bulgaria ratified the Protocol, Pajović thanked them for continuous support

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Today, Bulgarian Parliament ratified Montenegro’s Accession Protocol to NATO. 149 representatives voted yes, five voted against and one abstained.

Bulgaria became the sixth country to ratify the Protocol. So far, it was ratified by Iceland, Slovenia, Hungary, Slovakia and Albania.

President of the Parliament of Montenegro Darko Pajović attended the session in Bulgarian Parliament.

Pajović spoke to key representatives in the Parliament, and with Bulgarian Minister of Foreign Affairs Daniel Mitev, who was also in attendance during the session.

Pajović thanked Bulgarian officials for their continued support in Montenegro’s EU integration.

He especially thanked them for ratifying the Protocol in a timely manner.

“Bulgaria was always amongst the first to support Montenegro, after Berlin Congress in 1878, to our referendum of 2006, and today, when we are joining NATO”, Pajović said.

He is sure that the process of ratification will continue swiftly, because Montenegro’s membership is more than a stability guarantee for Montenegro – it guarantees stability for the whole region.

“By becoming a member of NATO, Montenegro does not acquire only privileges, but also international obligations in keeping the peace and spreading EU values in the region and the world”, Pajović said.

He said that the relationship between Montenegro and Bulgaria is a friendly one, based on mutual respect and great potentials for economic development.

His interlocutors congratulated Montenegro for its fast progress on EU and NATO road. They expressed hope that bilateral relations between Bulgaria and Montenegro develop and strengthen.

Tarzan Milošević was also a part of delegation in Bulgarian Parliament.

Process of ratification in 28 member states of the Alliance should be done by middle of 2017.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro