Business zones of strategic importance to reach big investors

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Ministry of Economy will start forming business zones of strategic importance, which will serve to attract important investors and further the development of the economy in the state.

Ministry made a statement to Mina-Business Agency saying that they will cooperate with UNDP, Capital City Podgorica, Royal Capital Cetinje and Municipality Bijelo Polje in order to implement project Improving the economic market, that has a main goal of improving the business environment, development of business zones and business clusters.

„Within this project, we started doing amendments to the Directive on Business Zones, that define the conditions for their creation in Montenegro, their classification according to their strategic importance, establishment, management and direction, infrastructure improvement, as well as any other key questions for the functioning of business zones”, they said in the Ministry.

Amendments are being done in order to clearly define and separate business zones of strategic interest with business zones of interest to local administration.

„Management of business zones of strategic importance will be handed to the Government and they will present one of the mechanisms for attracting important investors. These zones will be supported by the state in infrastructure and other state benefits. On the other hand, business zones of local interest will be managed by local administration”, the statement reads.

The Directive will clearly define all the steps that are necessary to take in order to establish, manage, and develop business zones.

In the Ministry they said that special conditions will be defined, for those who start their business in the business zones.

„The Directive will also define the benefits that the users will get if their position their capacities in one of the business zones”, they said in the Ministry.

Business zone represents one unique entity in the local administration, that enables users to have communal space and infrastructure, gives further tax and administrative benefits on both state and local level.

„Business zone can be announced on brownfield and greenfield prostoru, but propriety and legal relations must be defined first”, they said in the Ministry.

There are currently 9 business zones of local interest in Montenegro. They are located in Berane, Bijelo Polje, Mojkovac, Kolašin, Rožaje, Nikšić, Podgorica, Cetinje and Ulcinj.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro