Bütikofer: Krivokapić left a lot of work for Pajović

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Reinhard Bütikofer, representative in European Parliament and co-President of The Greens party, spoke to Weekend Edition of Dnevne Novine daily, and said that the role Positive Montenegro has played in signing the Agreement between the Government and the opposition was a great one, and it still is. Bütikofer has recently visited our country and got introduced to local political events.

“Positive Montenegro has done an honor to Montenegro by facilitating political agreement between eleven parties, which helped stabilize political situation and improve conditions for preparation of elections”, he said in an interview to Weekend Edition.

He said that the two main goals on the road of Montenegro are complete integration in European community of peoples and transformation of local situation to lively democratic pluralism, strong citizens’ participation, transparency of the Government and complete rule of law on the level of the republic.

“Both these goals moved forward thanks to actions of Positive Montenegro”, Bütikofer said.

He said that the former President of the Parliament Ranko Krivokapić has left a lot of legislative work for his successor Darko Pajović.

“On his new function, Pajović will have to demonstrated the leadership that spans far beyond the lines of Positive. His main challenge will be to demonstrate that Positive can contribute not only as a party, but also as an active force in solving long-term questions in the best interest of Montenegrin citizens”, Bütikofer said.

Whether the new model of leadership will succeed depends on everyone involved. However, DPS will have to prove that it really agrees with the new arrangement in practice, not just form.

“Competition between political parties will continue, while on the other hand, they are promising to cooperate in order to prepare October elections. The public has a responsibility to actively support strong application of the Agreement signed between the parties. It does not depend on politicians only. Republic means “Tua res agitur” which means this is your business too – it is a matter of citizens’ will”, Bütikofer said.

“I do not know of any country that has succeeded in becoming “ecological state”. But, as a member of The Greens party, we salute any ambition in that direction. In the case of Montenegro, preservation of natural beauties of the country is an economic imperative as well. Protection of birds in Ulcinj is not only an ambition of a green soul, but a rational strategy for a country with a large potential in the area of sustainable tourism. The same goes for protection of national parks”, he said.

When asked about his party’s influence in European Parliament, he said that, going by the numbers, they are a small party.

“Politically, our influence overcomes mathematical expectations, keeping in mind that we have managed to influence political, economic and societal issues. For example, we have successfully taken a stance that for European economies, a matter of environment protection is not a compromise. Necessary growth of new employment spots and future market development depends on green innovations, especially implementation of resources and energetic efficiency”, he said.

Their goals is to acquire a wider influence at the next European elections in 2019. It will depend on currents in different member countries.

“The Greens party is currently represented in four governments, in Sweden, Luxemburg, Greece and Letonia, while gaining in strength in Germany, Austria and Finland. There are also countries where we get weaker, such as in France. The most successful experience we had in Germany’s country Baden Virtemberg, where the Prime Minister from The Greens has been re-elected with more than 30% of votes, and is now a younger partner in the coalition with Merkel’s party”, he said.

Bütikofer does not see a soon ending for refugee crisis in the world.

“There are no easy solutions. In actuality, only a small number of international refugees have reached Europe. If we do not find a more efficient way to help our neighbors improve their lives, safety and freedom, any hope that these catastrophes will not have an influence on us are in vain. A saying goes think global, act local, but it is not sufficient anymore. We must coordinate internationally, if we want to avoid being overthrown by consequences”, Bütikofer said.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro