By 2100 there will be only 437,000 citizens in Montenegro

The UN data published in the World Population Prospects 2015 Revision (Key findings&Advanced tables) says Montenegro now has about 626.000 inhabitants, but the negative demographic trend will influence a reduction of about 8.2 percent, meaning that in 2050., our country will have 574.000 inhabitants.

The United Nations predict that in year 2100., there will be even fewer Montenegrin, or about 437.000 citizens in total.

Such data, according to the United Nations, puts Montenegro on a list of countries with a declining demographic trend.

Among ten countries in which the number of inhabitants will drastically reduce, are also some of Montenegro’s neighbors, such as Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Bulgaria, Hungary, Romania, Ukraine, Japan, Latvia and Lithuania.

According to information available on the UN’s site, Montenegro’s population (626 thousand) is divided in male (309 thousand) and female (317 thousand) inhabitants, where the sex ratio is 98 males per 100 females.

The report also cites past, present and expected population of Montenegro by years: 1950. (395.000), 2015. (626.000), 2030. (618.000), 2050. (574.000), and in 2100. (437.000), making the negative trend obvious.

Izvor: RTV Montenegro