Cable in the second half of 2016

The undersea cable, managed by the Italian coampany Terna, should reach Montenegrin coast in the second half of next year, said the executive director of the Montenegrin Electric Transmission System (CGES), Ivan Bulatovic.

“We should bear in mind that there may be a discrepancy of deadlines in the case testing of underwater through the Croatian territorial waters takes longer than planned, as well as the acquisition of additional cable. The first section of the cable, 137 kilometers long, is set, so the laying of the cable goes fast, ” Bulatovic said in an interview for the Pobjeda.
He added that the substation Lastva, to which will be attached transmission line from Pljevlja, an existing transmission line Podgorica-Trebinje, as well as submarine cable across the converter station, is already under construction.
Contractor is on the field and it is expected that there will be no more delays and unforeseen events.

Izvor: RTV Montenegro