Cadjenovic claims he does not know Nikic

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Nova leader Andrija Mandic’s driver Mihailo Cadjenovic said in the statement he gave before the Special Prosecutor’s Office that he did not know fugitive Ananije Nikic, find Dnevne novine.

Apparently, he never saw him or spoke to him on the phone, although the Prosecution has evidence to suggest the contrary, writes Dnevne novine.

As a reminder, the Special Public Prosecutor’s Office yesterday extended the investigation in this case of attempted terrorist attack on the day of parliamentary elections in Montenegro.

From yesterday, the investigation covered Cadjenovic and Ananije Nino Nikic, who was often hired by the Democratic Frontas an interpreter for the Russian language. Criminal charges were filed against both for the criminal offense of creating a criminal organization and terrorism in an attempt, but Nikic was not arrested because he is outside the country from 9 November last year and is unavailable to the prosecuting authorities.

The investigating judge of the Podgorica Higher Court Miroslav Basovic yesterday ordered a 30 days detention to Cadjenovic.

Source: Radio Television Montenegro