Cadres of Zarko Rakcevic leaving

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By the decision of civic movement URA, whose leader is Zarko Rakcevic, to leave the government of electoral trust, around twenty members of this party will lose public administration positions, which is the number of them which was involved under the agreement.

These are, among others, Tatjana Becanovic, general director at the Ministry of education, Rade Milosevic, director of the National employment agency, Ivan Asanin, director of the Directorate for transport, Radivoje Merdovic (tax administration), Mileta Radovanic (Customs directorate), Ilir Harasani (Directorate for inspection), Dejan Mijovic (EPCG), Marko Backovic (Montenegro Airlines) etc.

Director of the Directorate for transport Ivan Asanin said for Dnevne newspaper that he will leave his function after the procedure goes through and the Parliament deposes him. While speaking about engagement in the Directorate, Asanin said that as a director he introduced a number of measures in order to prevent abuses, but also sent initiatives to the Ministry in order to improve the condition which is lasting for more than three years.

Asanin is not excluding the possibility of new criminal charges because of, as he said, not providing the necessary information. He concluded that the decision to join the Government was good, but that this one to exit the government is no worse.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro