Cakan also believes PCG should run in the elections independently

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The member of the Presidency of Positive Montenegro (PCG) and the president of the party’s board in Bar, Radomir Novakovic Cakan, has said today that the party should run in the general elections independently.

“In political life, the only measure is His Majesty the voter, whose vote provides legitimacy to all of us. Currently, there is a lot of offers on the political scene in Montenegro, but only one is original – the offer of Positive Montenegro, which puts interest of all citizens above personal interests. We are not here to prove ourselves to anyone, because we have already done that before entering politics”, said Novakovic.

He points out that no one from PCG’s leadership entered politics out of personal ambition and no one of them wants to be engaged in policy for the rest of their lives.

“We did not become known through politics, unlike the most of those appearing in the political scene during 27 years. Therefore, I have supported running in the elections independently from the very beginning and continuing to be a civic party fighting for the benefit of Montenegro and all of us”, Novakovic concluded.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro