Calculations: How can "Lionesses" reach the quarterfinals



Montenegrin women handball players only have theoretical chances to advance to quarterfinals of the Olympic games, and a few scenarios need to happen in order for them to be lucky enough to advance to quarterfinals.

Namely, “Lionesses” primarily have to beat Norway and Brasil. Also, it is neccessary for the host team to lose from Angola too, and for Romania not to win any points against Spain or Norway.

In this case, Dragan Adzic’s team would finish ahead of Romanians, which would remain with only one win, and Brasil would be behind us because of a defeat in the game against us.

A lot of things need to come together, and only theory remains, but first the “Lionesses” need to improve the impression in a game against Norway tomorrow night at 9:40 pm.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro