Called the Izbor and the Novska to form the government

The leader of the Socialist People’s Party (SNP) called on the Citizen List Izbor and the Novska list to form a government in Herceg Novi together, saying that the party will not make any requests.

Milic at a press conference said that the SNP extremely satisfied with the result that this party is made to yesterday’s elections in Herceg Novi.

He recalled that the General Committee (GO) confirmed all the decisions of the Municipal Committee (OO) Herceg Novi on the way of participating in elections, the list, coalition, the schedule on it and all the other elements in relation to the electoral acts.

„My opinion is that the true winner of this election is Citizens List Izbor and the Novska list, and I congratulate them on the results they achieved, ” said Milic.

He recalled that the representatives of these lists during the election campaign emphasized that they would not enter in the post-election coalition with the Democratic Party of Socialists (DPS).

“That’s why today I wanted to say that the SNP calls those lists to as soon as possible constitute local government in Herceg Novi, without a single request from our side,” said Milic.

According to him, all forms of possible cooperation with the Izbor list and with the Herceg Novi list are open.

“And, considering the approaching holidays, we see no reason why this conversation could take a long time,” Milic said.

He pointed out that the SNP “does not intend nor to respond nor to call DPS and the Social Democratic Party in Herceg Novi for talks on forming government.”

Izvor: RTV Montenegro