Candidate should not be nominated by losers

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Oppositional presidential candidate can be proposed only by those who untill now have not lost elections, while before making the decision rating of the candidate should be checked, said the president of the Democratic Montenegro Aleksa Becic.

He said that electoral success depends solely on the power of the political subject, the popularity of the leader who leads it, the confidence of voters, the election and communication strategy, the party’s infrastructure.

“Therefore, it is clear that candidates can only be proposed by those who have not lost tens of electoral processes so far,” Becic told the newspaper Vijesti.

He stressed that the presidential candidate was always appointed on the basis of the rating.

“I will remind year 2013 when the opposition had a party candidate in the presidential election, which was the most popular among the opposition parties,” Becic said.

That is why, he says, Lekic, then the Democratic Front President, rightly pointed out the candidacy and left open the possibility of support from anyone who wanted it.

“It is clear to everyone why some favored having a party leader with the greatest trust as a candidate, while today they run away from that principle.” said Becic.

Source: Radio Television Montenegro