Canovic: Legalization of the objects will bring several hundreds of millions of euros to the country

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By adopting the Proposal of the Law for legalization of the informal objects, what used to be grey zone will now become taxable, which will bring several hundreds of millions of euros to the country, said the director of the Directorate for housing in Ministry of sustainable development and tourism Marko Canovic.

Canovic said that the new solution which was proposed by amendments of the initial text of the Proposal of the law does not provide legalization of objects in protected zones. Factual state has been acknowledged, in order to be able to proceed with implementation of the law.

Positive regulations, as he said, clearly define that natural resources, including the sea coast as well as all the other resources used by public cannot be subject to private property, except the already existing rights which cannot be altered.

“Renowned experts from Austria and Canada did a study with recommendations for improvement of informal settlements, on the example of a settlement in Bar. So, the goal is to move all illegal objects from grey area to taxable area, until the permanent solution of their situation happens”, said Canovic.

“These are hundreds of millions of euros that will come to our budget after the project, and we have a great responsibility to put them back into the economy. The process will be done in two phases: legalization which includes recognition of the situation, provision of a secure and stable object and putting it into legal streamline, and regularization, which includes visual adjustments of the objects and their surroundings”, emphasized Canovic.

He also reminded that the inspection is to be formed whose sole jurisdiction will be the protection of Montenegrin area from illegal construction and will include cooperation between the supreme public prosecutor, Ministry of justice, Ministry of urban development and environmental protection and Police directorate regarding this issue.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro