Captain Corac going on EUTM mission to Mali

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Mayor of Montenegrin army, admiral Dragan Samardzic met with captain Ivan Corac today, who will be sent on EUTM mission in Mali (European Union Training Mission).

Admiral Samardzic wished captain Corac a success on his mission and expressed his expectations that he will represent Montenegro and Montenegrin army with dignity.

On the other hand, captain Corac thanked for the trust he was gvien, emphasizing that working in international environment is a chance for personal education for members of Montenegrin army.

EUTM is a mulit-national mission of European Union in which 22 Europan countries participate. Captain Corac will be the fifth member of Montenegrin army on a mission in Mali. He will replace mayor Ivica Adjin on the duty of the leader of the logistics team for training of the military of the Republic of Mali, who was at this position from February of this year.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro