Captain Ćorac going to mission in Mali

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Chief of Staff of the Army of Montenegro VCG, Dragan Samardžić, met today with captain Ivan Ćorac, who is going to Euro­pean Union Tra­i­ning Mission EUTM mission in Mali.

EUTM is an international mission of European Union. 22 European countries are taking part, and Ćorac is the fifth member of Montenegrin army to join the mission in Mali.

As it was said in the Ministry of Defense, Ćorac is to replace Major Ivica Ađin on the position of leader of logistical team of instructors for training artillery units Mali.

Samardzić wished Ćorac a successful mission, and Ćorac thanked him for the trust, saying that the work in international missions is a great opportunity for members of the army to get personal education.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro