Car salesmen satisfied: Citizens of Podgorica by SUV’s the most

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Citizens of the Capital city of Montenegro are mostly buying SUV’s, show the sales data in Podgorica car dealerships. Top five most wanted cars in Podgorica are a ,,skoda“, a ,,volkswagen“, an ,,audi“ and Mercedes sedans and city SUV’s, it was reported by Pobjeda.

In first seven months of this year 108 “skoda rapid” cars were sold and 70 ,,skoda oktavia” cars, then 87 of volkswagen ,,polo“, cars, 75 ,,golf“ cars and 60 luxury sedans (C and E class) and city SUV’s by Mercedes.

„Due to sales increase ,,volkswagen“ and ,,audi“ significantly contributed to the growth of Montenegrin market of car sales which was 32 percent in first seven months” it was said from Roskped. The prices vary from 9.300 euros and all the way up to 200.000 euros for most luxurious models.

In salon ,,Skoda Autocacak Podgorica“, in previous seven months 108 of “skoda rapid” were sold and 70 “skoda octavia’s”.

If you decide to shop in this dealership you will need between 9.828 and 37.512 euros if you’re paying bu cash. There are other options of payment too via banks and leasing houses, and the payment period is between two and six years.

If you’re a fan of high quality and reliable brand then you choice will definitely be Mercedes. „Ljetopis automotive“ offers a wide range of Mercedes cars from sedans to sports coupes and SUV’s and all the way to trucks and buses. Most wanted type of car is sedan and city SUV, and 60 of them were sold in last 7 months.

The warranty on all Mercedes cars anywhere in the world is two year, with no mileage limit. After that, in case of a breakdown, there’s an option of sending inquiries to the factory based on which they can decide about the percentage involvement in covering the damage.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro