Case of Petrovac promenade: Seven million euros for a kilometer of asphalt

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Special prosecution is finalizing the investigation in the case known as “Petrovac promenade”, which has been in the prosectuion drawers for years and by which the municipality of Budva, as it is assumed, was damaged by several million euros.

Namely, the reconstruction of the promenade which is horter than one kilometer in this famous resort cost almost seven million euros, althouth the initial pre-invoice was “only” 2.4 million euros, it was reported by Dnevne newspaper.

This amount was defined by the Office for investments in Budva whose head at the moment was Dragan Marovic, brother of Svetozar Marovic, who at the tender defined that for reconstruction of the promenade 900 meters long with area of 13.000 suare meters was necessary to spend 2.450.000 euros.

Tender was published in 2008. and the job was given to company “Udanik” from Niksic.

Works began in 2009 and were interrupted several times because Municipality of Budva was laste with payments of the funds, which increased from year to year. The construction of the promenade was finally finished ast year, which means that for 900 meters of a paved way it took six years to finish.

That the job was suspicious right from the beginning was pointed out by local opposition parties who at the time demanded from the then special prosecutor Djurdjina Ivanovic to open investigation against then leaders of Budva municipality who contracted this suspicious deal.

It is interesting that only for paving the promenade 1.450.000 euros was spent, and that object with area of 382 squared meters which was named “public restroom” in the project, and has two offices, room for beach equipment, public restroom, and a terrace cost an incredible 274.000 euros.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro