Caught with 100 kg of skunk



A man from Podgorica B.J. (33), in whose car police found 100 kilograms of skunk, was arrested by police on Saturday, October 8. By this an international chain of drug smuggling from Albania through our territory to the region and further to the European Union was cut, it was said in a statement from the Police.

Police stopped the vehicle of B.J. (33) from Podgorica after they received information that he would get large quantities of skunk for further sale outside the territory of Montenegro.

“By controlling the vehicle police found in the trunk five bags that contained 99 large packs containing substances of plant origin, dark green color, which is suspected to be narcotic drugs marijuana skunk type, gross weight about 100 kilograms. B.J. was arrested. “police said.

The criminal investigation indicates that the drugs was intended for one European country, so our police inspectors are in communication with the police of that country take further action to identify other possibly related persons within the territory of that country.

Source: Radio Television Montenegro