CDM asked Tina and Andrija – Is it more difficult to be a journalist or a politician in the campaign?

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Former TV reporters Tina Raicevic and Andrija Nikolic are candidates for MPs now. CDM asked them whether it is more difficult to participate in the election campaign as a journalist or an MP candidate. Raicevic is on the Key coalition’s candidates list and Nikolic is on the DPS list.

“When it comes to covering the campaign as a journalist, it is a very active and, conditionally speaking, stressful period, not so much because of the content but because of the timing and the pressure to complete everything in a very short term. Of course, during the campaign the journalist is also obliged to be extra cautious when it comes to impartial and objective reporting in order to avoid slipping into propaganda of certain political groups. Now I’m on the other side of the same coin. The election headquarters of the Key coalition operates as a newsroom where everyone has their responsibilities and the aforementioned deadlines”, Raicevic told CDM.

Andrija Nikolic told CDM that a journalist’s engagement in the campaign requires more sensitivity and tolerance than a politician’s one. The later is straightforward and clear.

“As a candidate for MP in the election campaign, you are taking the responsibility to make your beliefs closer to the voters and your success in the elections will depend on how frank and committed you are. That requires mental and physical effort, given that you are obliged to be constantly in contact with people. When you appear on the political pitch, the environment and atmosphere in which you play the game is different. Now there are conventions and press releases and you are acting in the role of one who speaks and answers questions, instead of the previous engagement when you were the one who asked questions”, Nikolic said.

Raicevic added that her journalist work was aimed at developing critical thinking and initiating new things, and now, as a politician, she is working on finding concrete solutions to current and future issues and challenges.

“When it comes to me, I think I’m one of those who are enthusiastic about their work and I think it is crucial for the quality of any work. As a journalist, I enjoyed preparing and editing programmes. Now I also enjoy new challenges such as analysing the current situation in the society and the state and finding the right solution”, she pointed out.

Nikolic said that both jobs required great vigilance and even greater commitment to the goals you have in front of you.

“If you voluntarily left journalism and chose to be involved in politics, provided that the choice is grounded on solid and sincere beliefs, then it is logical that it is more comfortable to you to appear in the campaign as an MP candidate who has chosen the side, than as a journalist, who is obliged to be unbiased”, he said.

And, what do you think – did they do better job as journalists or as politicians?

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro