CdM counted: Did you vote those who are pro NATO?

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Although we still do not know who will form the government after the parliamentary elections, there is one thing we know for certain – citizens voted pro NATO parties. This means that, whoever forms the government, Montenegro will have majority pro NATO representatives in the Parliament, thus becoming 29th member of the Alliance.

Parliament of Montenegro has 81 seats. Simple majority is 41 seats.

Based on the mandates counted so far, there are 47 or 48 pro NATO representatives. 21 of them would vote against, while 13 of them are indeterminable votes.

DPS has 35 or 36 mandates, and their MPs would vote pro NATO.

SDP with four mandates, and SD, URA and BS with two each, along with HGI and Albanian parties who have one mandate each would all vote pro NATO.

Majority still holds even if Žarko Rakčević and Dritan Abazović from GP URA, Ranko Krivokapiće, Džavid Šabović, Raško Konjević and Draginja Vuksanović from SDP decide to refrain or vote against.

On the other hand, 18 DF MPs would surely vote against (although PzP is in this union and they are pro NATO, it is not likely they would vote pro), along with 3 MPs from SNP.

Although many see Demos and Democrats as being opposed to NATO, leaders of these parties never made explicit comments on the issue. Aleksa Bečić and Miodrag Lekić said several times that Montenegro’s membership in NATO should be decided on the referendum, but they never stated what would their vote be.

Their 13 MPs (Democrats 9, Demos 4) are thus indeterminable votes in the Parliament.

We do not yet know who is to be a member of the government, but we know that we voted parties who would vote pro NATO – unless they decide to put the question on a referendum.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro