CdM learns: Podgorica to get a water polo school lead by Petar Porobić in the fall

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Children were afraid they would not have water polo school in Podgorica this year, but they can rest calm. CdM learns that by the end of September or in the first half of October, pools of Sport Center “Čelebić” will be host to school of water sports in Podgorica.

Initiative for this story came from a statement by a mother of one nine year old from Podgorica, whose son trained football and decided to switch to pool when he learned of a new school opening.

“My child left one sport in order to train another, but nothing is still happening, no one has any information”, she said to CdM.

Water polo school story was mentioned before, but it all remained on a level of a story.

Podgorica was recently host to World Junior Water Polo Championship, and our team won a silver medal.

Water polo euphoria caught up with our capital city again, and this fall the children from Podgorica will finally get a chance to try it out.

“The basic agreement was reached between Municipality of Podgorica, Čelebić company and Swimming and Water Polo Association of Montenegro, and the school is set to begin this fall, end of September or beginning of October. On previous World Junior Championship, as well as the final tournament of World League seven years ago, Podgorica showed that it loves water polo and deserves to have its own school, so the children from the capital would not have to go to the coast in order to play water polo”, the source from the project said to CdM.

CdM learns that the head of the whole project should be our famous coach, currently director of Swimming and Water Polo Association, Petar Porobić.

His name will lead many to decide to engage in the sport that has been a great represent of Montenegro internationally during the last decade.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro