Cdu: Joining the NATO is a task with historic significance

#Nato #MontenegrinDemocraticUnion(Cdu)


Montenegrin democratic union and Center for liberal studies welcome the signing of the Protocol for accession of Montenegro to NATO.

NATO agenda should be a priority for political forces in Montenegro that want to see our country be a stable, safe and democratic country. This should be the foundation for their cooperation and alliances.

Signing the protocol is a confirmation of the progress and dedication of our country to the road of Euroatlantic integrations and comes at an important moment when Montenegro is celebrating ten years of independence.

We think that the joining the NATO by Montenegro is of historic significance. This is a matter of our national interest which will confirm Montenegring territorial and national integrity and provide long term development.

Membership, besides all the benefits in terms of security and economy, brings political stability and incentives for further democratic development and prosperity. Membership in NATO is the strongest incentive for reforms, and not a hurdle to reforms.

By signing the Protocol Montenegro finished a part of the necessary procedure. Ahead of us is a process of ratification and making a decision in Montenegro which will finally confirm that we really want to be a part of NATO.

Joining the NATO is a basis for our EU membership too. This was the experience of all new NATO and EU members and it will receive its confirmation at Montenegrin example too.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro