Celebration in Pristina because Kosovo government withdrew the demarcation agreement with Montenegro

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Warnings from the US and EU have not borne fruit. The Parliament of Kosovo failed to adopt the demarcation agreement with Montenegro for the second time.

The parliament building was under siege because of protesters who arrived to Pristina from all sides of Kosovo. The police confiscated Molotov cocktails, bottles of petrol and stones. Two MPs were detained because they intended to bring tear gas and smoke grenade in the Parliament when the demarcation with Montenegro was to be discussed.

All this caused postponing the declaration on the agreement once again.

“The government withdraws the draft law on ratifying the demarcation agreement with Montenegro”, the Prime Minister Isa Mustafa said.

Without explaining details, Mustafa said that conditions for discussion of this matter were not created.

“We will try to talk and reach a common position on the draft law, because it is wrong to discuss this law in a situation full of pressure”, he said.

Mustafa added that the withdrawal of the draft law did not mean that the demarcation would be renegotiated again, but that the issue would be submitted to the Parliament at the right time.

For the time being it is not known if this issue could come back on the agenda of the Kosovo Parliament.

Kosovo police arrested two MPs of Self Determination movement because they tried to bring a gas grenade and tear gas into the Parliament. They found a gas grenade in MP Aida Draguti’s purse and a tear gas spray in MP Donika Kadaj Bujupi.

After the proposal on demarcation with Montenegro was withdrawn, protesters in front of the Parliament started chanting “Victory, victory“.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro