Celebration in Tivat’s streets, Novosel: Citizens of Tivat have recognized our effort, Brajović: The boycott story fell through!

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Democratic Party of Socialists is the absolute winner of local elections in Tivat, and it got 5 more mandates than 4 years ago. The biggest surprise comes from Social-Democrats lead by Ivan Brajović, who are a new party that has won 4 mandates in these elections. Their former colleagues from SDP, and SNP, HGi, DSS..fell behind.

Citizens have recognized and appreciated our effort, they said in DPS.

“I am very pleased with elections’ result. Our party has won absolute leadership. We will strive to justify their trust. We have made a lot of effort, done a lot of work, and the citizens appreciate that”, Ivan Novosel, the Mayor of Tivat said for Radio Tivat.

Leader of SD Ivan Brajović confirmed the fact that they are the biggest surprise of the elections.

“We demonstrated that a different political culture can give good election results. We offer better ideas and people who have the ability to implement them. This is only the beginning. Elections in Tivat showed that the story of boycott fell through”, Brajović said.


Official of this party Damir Šehović openly stated his satisfaction with accomplished results.

“Social-Democrats of Montenegro have preserved the original socialist and democratic idea in Tivat! The great result we have achieved is a recognition, but also an obligation for the future. Citizens of Tivat have clearly recognized and awarded our original, stable and reliable politics. This is the reason that Social-Democrats are the absolute winners of these elections! The victory of SD in Tivat is the beginning of wider spreading of social-democratic principles and values. They were endangered for a time, due to wandering and disoriented political situation. However, thanks to us, the true social-democrats, these ideas are preserved not only in Tivat tonight, but in whole Montenegro. Stability and reliability!”, Šehović said.

The leader of the list of Democratic Serbian Party Dejan Risančić claims that they have won the most expensive mandate.

“I am grateful to our voters who gave us their trust. They know of our fight for Serbian Orthodox Church SPC, Serbian language and especially anti NATO discourse. We won the most expensive mandate because we have lost the second representative seat. DPS has won it. We had a campaign lead against us by DPS and some opposition parties. This is why this is a big victory for us”, Risančić said for Radio Tivat.


SDP carries on as the opposition.

“SDP is thankful to its voters in Tivat. Unfortunately, very good results our people have accomplished in local administration have not received enough support from our citizens. SDP have won a result of 7,5% will continue to affirm its original values, from the opposition seats now”, said Vojislav Vojo Kaluđerović, the leader of SPD list.

President of OO DPS in Tivat Siniša Kusovac thanked the people of Tivat for deciding to vote, for their dignified behavior and the trust they have put in them.

“We have accomplished a much better result than in the last elections. Democracy won, maturity won. We continue to build Tivat”, Kusovac said.

Leader of the list “Arsenal for Tivat” Budimir Cupara said that the important things is that they have entered the parliament.

“I wish to thank our voters for their trust. We will not disappoint. On the contrary, we will try to implement our program in the local parliament. According to our information, there were no irregularities in the field. We are content”, Cupara said.

Leader of the list Cdu Neven Staničić congratulated to all the parties that have entered the local parliament.

“I want to congratulate everyone who has entered the parliament. I congratulate to citizens of Tivat for their choices”, Neven Staničić shortly stated to Radio Tivat.

The leader of the list Bokeški forum Andrija Petković is pleased with the results.

“We are ecstatic. With 0 money spent, with this kind of turnout, we have entered the local parliament. We are close to our second mandate. For the first time in Montenegro, the voice of Boka people is heard”, Petković said.


Leader of the list SNP, Vlado Šanjo Samardžić, said that the elections results are a surprise for Radio Tivat.

“The complete elections results are a surprise. I want to thank everyone who voted SNP. We had four mandates and now we have two. I am not pleased and I take responsibility upon myself”, Samardžić said.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro