CEMI to oversee Tivat elections

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Center for Monitoring and Research CEMI will oversee local elections in Tivat, that are set for tomorrow.

This NGO made an announcement saying that had given credentials to 33 total of observers, who will cover all election sites in Tivat. Aside from observes in the election spots, CEMI will have mobile teams organized as support for their observers.

“Focus of the mission of citizen’s overseeing of the elections will be on the functioning of the new system of electronic identification of voters”, statement reads.

CEMI will also parallelly count the votes, and depending of the speed of election boards, notify citizens on result projections 60 to 90 minutes from when the election spots are closed. CEMI will regularly inform citizens on possible irregularities and voters’ turn out.

Via webpage www.cemi.org.me, Twitter account CEMI_me, and in media, this NGO will notify the public on events of the election day.

They said that the citizens who notice irregularities can report them at the phone number 020 511 424.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro