Cetinje – Budva main road will be ready in seven days

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According to the latest announcement of the Minister of Transport, Ivan Brajovic, the road from Cetinje to Budva is open for normal traffic, although it is not finished just yet. This means the 64 kilometers journey from Podgorica to Budva still takes an amazing two hours to complete. However, the new Director of the Transport Directorate, Ivan Ashanin, says the road will be completed before next Monday.

“I’m a builder by profession, and based on what I’ve seen on the ground, I think it’s not possible to finish the road for at least seven days. This is the optimal term. No unforeseen circumstances are expected”, he said for CdM news portal.

The Government of Montenegro has originally set June 1 as the deadline for completion of all road-related works, but after the deadline was breached, it announced the suspension of work until June 20.

However, workers are still on the ground, and the Directorate of Transport previously said that one of the reasons of delay were harsh weather conditions.

Until Monday, when the road should finally be ready for the season, all travelers should know that the traffic on Obzovica stops from 10 to 12 hours and on Brajici from 14 to 16 hours.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro