Changing wasteful practice: Darko Pajović traveling in economy class

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The new President of the Parliament of Montenegro, Darko Pajović, is introducing a new practice which should result in a decrease in the expenses of the Parliament, wherever feasible. The first Pajović’s move towards relieving Montenegrin taxpayers of unnecessary costs for the functioning of the Assembly, is the decision that official travels of both the President of the Parliament and MPs will no longer be in the business, but rather in the economy airline classes.

No business class, no private planes

Pajović already set a personal example while recently traveling to Ljubljana, where he attended the ceremonial ratification of the protocol on Montenegro’s membership in NATO – he traveled economy class, as well as other members of the Montenegrin parliamentary delegation.

As Dnevne Novine daily has come to find out, Mr. Pajovic also decided not to use the government plane for his travels.

Renting of a small plane to take him to Ljubljana for 24 hours, according to unofficial information, costs about 5,000 euros.

Pajović’s recent visit to Ljubljana, together with members of his delegation, costed a total of 1,000 euros. Airline tickets for economy class, per person, costed 214 euros.

The savings for business trips, as DN daily learned, is just one in a series of moves the new President of the Parliament intends to make.

Ranko’s questionable spending

Last year, Montenegrin parliament spent around seven million euros. For official travel expenses of delegates, the Assembly has paid a total of 421,800 euros until December 15, 2015, which is 185,000 euros more than in 2014, when 236,600 euros were allocated for the purpose.

Of all the MPs, former Parliament Speaker, Ranko Krivokapic, spent the most money on travels – 34,488 euros. Of these, for subsistence, overnight accommodation, insurance, taxes, etc., Krivokapic was paid 17,704 euros, while airline tickets cost 16,784 euros. According to the report of the parliamentary spending for 2015, former President of the Parliament did not have any expenses for interstate travel.

Three Krivokapic’s consultants spent a whopping 54.160 euros on business trips and per diems last year, or 110 average salaries, or 196 average pensions. Or 280 monthly compensations for mothers with three or more children registered at the Employment Agency for 15 and more years.

Parliament’s report on the expenditure of funds last year was returned several times because MPs insisted to know how the taxpayers’ money was spent. Krivokapic’s use of the private plane and a park of vehicles was among the questions unanswered.

Assembly to work on Mondays and Fridays as well

Montenegrin parliament will in future operate on Mondays and Fridays as well, which is also a novelty introduced by Pajović’s arrival at the head of the Assembly.

The goal is to achieve greater efficiency in the work of the Parliament, to finally put on the Agenda laws that have spent years waiting in the Assembly. Half-year blockade of the Parliament has also affected the build-up of obligations – a total of 300 laws pending.

Mr. Pajović took over the obligation, which including some important laws, such as the Draft Law on Coastal Act, the Administrative Procedure Act, and Law on legalization of informal buildings.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro