Chicken manure in Kuce Rakica area causes the smell in Podgorica?

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An odour is wafting across Podgorica again and no one knows the definite cause of it. According to information CDM obtained from Inspection Directorate, the odour may come from the area near Tuzi.

“Some trucks brought 60 tonnes of fertilizer in Kuce Rakica area. It can be the cause of the smell, but not necessarily. I cannot tell you what the cause is, because we have not found it yet,” the chief environmental inspector Veselinka Zarubica said.

The assistant director of the Inspection Directorate, Biljana Jakic confirmed that inspectors were on the ground. The Centre for Toxicological Tests is cooperating with them.

“We are doing everything. We are heading towards Tuzi, ie Kuce Rakica, to check whether chicken manure has been disposed there”, Jakic said.

While waiting for a definitive answer, CDM reminds you that an unpleasant smell wafted across Podgorica at the end of September too. Then we did not get an official explanation of the cause then, but the citizens had two theories on the cause: it was either an overturned truck with chicken faeces or illegal dumps.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro