Chinese company will speed up our trains up to 80 kilometres per hour

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End of works on repairing the bridge Trebaljevo, done by companies Strabag and Crnagoraput and worth 2.95 million euros is expected at the end of July, it was said to Pobjeda by executive director of ZICG Milan Colakovic. This project was financed by a loan from European Investment Bank.

From Railway Infrastructure of Montenegro was said that the announced reconstruction of 77 kilometres of the Serbian part of the railway Belgrade – Bar will increase safety and speed up the traffic on this route. This is a part of the contract signed last year by railways of Serbia and Russia, by which this section of the Bar rail will have the first major reconstruction in 40 years.

“Since this is route 4, a common rail, we are expecting this revitalization the Serbian part of the rail Belgrade – Bar with great joy”, said Colakovic.

He emphasized that repairs are courrently ongoing on four bridges in Montenegrin part of the railway ,,Ljubovidja“, „Malo Trebaljevo“, „Tanki rt“ i ,,Skrbusa“.

“Works worth 968 thousand euros are done by Fidija and financed by a loan from EIB. We are expecting these works to be finished by the end of August”, said Colakovic and added that Fidija will finish sanation of the bridge “Moraca” by the end of the year.

He reminded that until now ZICG renovated the upper part of the rail from the border with Serbia to Kolasin, and now it’s on to the part from Kolasin station to the station Kos, which will be financed by a loan from EBRD. As he said, ZICG signed an overhaul contract last year with Chinese company CECC which is worth 5.9 million euros, with the deadline set at July of next year.

“The contract includes overhaul of 9.8 kilometres of an open rail and 2.4 kilometres of station tracks, after which the trains will be able to go up to 80 km/h, as now they can only go up to 50 km/h”, said Colakovic.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro