Choosing Katnic is presumption of results

An important obligation of Chapters 23 and 24 was fulfilled by electing the Chief Special Prosecutor, and all the prerequisites were created for concrete results in the fight against corruption and organized crime, said the Minister of Internal Affairs Rasko Konjevic.

At the proposal of the Chief State Prosecutor Ivica Stankovic, Prosecutors Council on Tuesday elected judge of the Appellate Court Milivoje Katnic as the Chief Special Prosecutor.

Konjevic said that a lot of effort has been invested into appointment of a special prosecutor. He said that consistent application of the law and use of all legal possibilities available to him and special prosecutors are expected not only by the members of the Government, but also the entire community and international partners.

Asked whether he expected better results when it comes to fighting corruption, he said that everything done so far through the idea of the so-called Montenegrin (USKOK) Anti-Corruption Office, was made precisely with the aim of providing better results.

According to him, the results are inevitably expected, better than they were before.

As Konjevic said, election of a special prosecutor was one of five priorities which were suppose to be realized by the end of July, as agreed during the recent visits by European officials.

Izvor: RTV Montenegro