Churches to not interfere with Carnival

Representatives of religious communities, numerous non-governmental associations with Croatian sign, as well as the only party of Croats in Montenegro

The Croatian Civil Initiative, in recent days have expressed protest as Winter Carnival in Kotor is not ending before the Great Catholic fasting, but the Liberal Party believes that Carnival has nothing to do with religious communities and that they should not interfere in its organization.

“On the occasion of the latest attempts by certain religious communities, and organizations close to them to intervene directly in the organization of the traditional winter Kotor carnival, we recall the fact that Montenegro is a civic state in which, under the Constitution, religious communities are separate from the state”, said the President of Kotor Municipal Board LP, Vido Draskovic.

“The carnival festivities in this period of the year is often conditioned by weather, so it often happens that the central and final event of the winter masquerades, carnival, which is a brand of Kotor, is delayed several times due to bad weather, and is held March, “Draskovic concluded.

Izvor: RTV Montenegro