Citizen of Bar Adem Mustafic was killed by "Balkan adversaries of devil"

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Thirty six year old citizen of Bar Adem Mustafic didn’t die in a fight with terrorists of the so-called Islamic state against anyone from the “other side”, but was a victim of an even more extremist group within ISIL formations, to which he belonged. Long story short, “he was killed by his own” – takfirs, it was reported by Pobjeda.

Pobjeda reported that the information that he died three or four days ago is also incorrect, because news about deaths, not only Montenegrin but also other citizens of the countries from the region that happen in war in Syria, if they ever come they never do 20-40 days after the event. It is usual that those who bring the information are intentionally late because of the deadlines regarding payments for the families of the killed people, payments that never really come.

Witnesses to this are almost all heavy-hearted families of tragic victims of the religious fanaticism, and Pobjeda once reported the case of a mother of five children from Rozaje, Salihovic family, whose father and husband died in wan of ISIL’s wars three years ago.

Mustafic is the fifth Montenegrin citizen who died on ISIL war grounds. First was citizen of Podgorica Mirza Haklaj, then Damir Slakovic, also from Bar, Adis Salihovic from Rozaje and the youngest one, eighteen year old Ernad Huseinovic from Plav. It is still unkown what happened with Damir Babacic from Petnjica and at least five more of his “comrades” who left for Sarajevo two years ago, and from there to Tutin and then Kacanik, on their way to the shortest and safest line with Syria, in Turkey.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro