Citizen of Podgorica avoided three attacks in Turkey: News of the last one found him in Montenegro!

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Beginning of the year has traces of a film story for Janko Bulatovic, Montenegrin student in Turkey. January, February and March of 2016 will remain in his memory as the months in which he avoided three terrorist attacks.

It all started with Blue Mosque in the heart of Istanbul where a sucide bomber killed twelve toruists from Germany in January. Janko was close.

Then, in February, he wasn’t far from the center of Ankara at the moment when suicide bomber killed 28 people.

March wasn’t peaceful either. Our Janko was around 30 kilometres away from the most popular street in Istanbul on 19th of March, Independence Avenue, when a terrorist killed four people.

„When I say that I was close to an attack in Istanbul which has 15 million people and lies on two continents, I speak about the distance of up to 30 kilometres. Regardless of what happened to me at the beginning of this year, I feel safe in Istanbul”, he said.

„I am in Montenegro now and my emotions are mixed up. You know, this is an airport at which I am at least once every two months”, he said for CdM.

It is interesting, he added, that for every attack that happened the news always comes first from his family in Montenegro.

He emphasized that, although there were eleven attacks in Turkey in a year, he’s going back in September when the second year of his economics studies starts at a public university in Turkey.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro