Citizens owe €134m for electricity

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The total citizens’ electricity debt on the last day of May was €134m and households in Bijelo Polje had the highest debt, the Electric Power Company of Montenegro (EPCG) told Dnevne Novine.

The average electricity debt of consumers in the Municipality of Bijelo Polje amounted to €700, whereas the average electricity debt at the national level amounted to €400.

The EPCG’s PR department said that the company increased the collection rate, thus curbing debt growth.

“EPCG is trying to make paying accumulated debt off easier for households. In that sense we launched several campaigns ranging from protocol signing with minimum participation and a maximum number of instalments, to the “Let’s share the burden” campaign, which includes the debt payment in €20 instalments, without participation, default interest rate or electricity disconnection, regardless the amount of the accumulated debt”, EPCG said.

The company added that consumers are legally bound to pay the bill within eight days after they receive it. If they do not do so, EPCG sends a warning, after which consumers have another eight days to pay the bill. If they fail to do so, EPCG has a right to disconnect their electricity.

The company pointed out that it regularly sued all those who have debts, thus protecting its claims against the statute of limitations.

Consumers in Tivat have been the most regular payers for years. Their average electricity debt amounts to €100. Regularity in paying bills is rewarded by 5% or 10% monthly discounts for the members of the Golden Team. There are also sweepstakes for regular payers, EPCG stated.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro