Citizens suffer damage because of the arrogance of banks

The Montenegrin economy, but also citizens, only suffer damage of arrogant behavior of banks and a maximum permitted contractual interest rate is recognized in practice in numerous cases, Vice Governor of the Central Bank of Montenegro (CBCG), Velibor Milosevic said.

“Moreover, in the circumstances in which we work, we must clearly define our position and submit it to the national interest.
This time it must be done by adopting the laws that will precisely define the categories of acceptable behavior of financial institutions and other parties involved, in this regard, “Milosevic said to agency Mina-business in response to the statement of the Secretary General of the Association of Banks of Montenegro (UBCG), Mirko Radonjic.

Radonjic said that limitation of interest brings to interferes with market mechanisms and that it is contrary to the fundamental principles of the EU.

CBCGM previously announced that it would make a working version of the draft law on limiting maximum contractual interest rate until the end of June.

Izvor: RTV Montenegro