Citizens will recognize DPS superiority

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Citizens trust in the Democratic Party of Socialists (DPS), because this party holds its word, Vice President of DPS, Dusko Markovic said presenting election candidates list.

He said that more than half of the names on the list are different from the last parliamentary elections. The DPS list includes two candidates of the Liberal Party.

“We are confident that the citizens of will recognize DPS superiority on October 16. Formula of our longevity is that we have always had a sense of the moment,” Markovic said.

Optional DPS program, he added, recognizes the Montenegrin reality.

Marković said that the DPS strengthened the stability and multiethnic harmony of Montenegro.

According to him, the DPS has confirmed itself as a pivot of stability and prosperity of the country.

“Citizens trust us because we keep the word. We fulfill our promises and implement plans in actions. We were able to implement major reforms of the rule of law and further democratization of society,” Markovic said.

He said that the big steps have been made in negotiations with the European Union. 24 chapters were opened.

“Full integration into NATO and the EU remains a strategic priority of our policy.”

Marković said that the focus of the DPS will be the further development of tourism, energy, agriculture and manufacturing industries.

“Special attention will be given to citizens who are victims of transition which our country has gone through but also the region,” he added.

Source: Radio Television Montenegro