Citizens will sanction the boycott at the elections

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Montenegro marks 111 years of parliamentarism.

President of the Assembly, Ivan Brajovic, says he does not dispute contemporary challenges, and adds that he would like that the parliamentary assembly was full. He thinks that the only real punishment for the absence of the opposition in the Assembly will give citizens at the elections.

During the lecture at the UDG, Brajovic said that he was not in favor of rigid sanctions of boycott, explaining that the Administrative Board is in charge of examining the practice and comparative experiences of other countries.

Regarding current composition of the Parliament, Brajovic said that the ratio of government and opposition deputies was 42-39 and that the Assembly functioned normally. “We pass laws, reports … There is nothing more left in drawers and on shelves. Of course, somewhere it takes two-thirds to decide. If we do not have them, we will not decide, “Brajovic said.

Brajovic emphasizes that the invitation for the opposition to return to the Assebly remains, but that their condition regarding repeating elections is not valid.

He said that Montenegro has managed to preserve the multi-religious harmony and told students that it was not something that goes without saying but that needed nurture.

“One of our biggest successes, after the referendum in 2006, is our NATO membership. We have yet another external goal, which is EU membership. I believe that we will be the next member of the Union,” Brajovic said.

Source: Radio Television Montenegro