Clients are dear guests for Turkish Airlines

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Short and sweet – that is how I would describe short trip for journalists organized by Turkish Airlines.

When you are a guest of a company like this, you get only the best and most comfortable such as the flight in business class, kind staff and lovely Jasmina Guberinić, that worked hard to ensure journalists from Montenegro visiting Istanbul lack nothing.

After a comfortable flight and half an hour drive through Istanbul, we arrived at the beautiful hotel Radisson Blu Atakoy, located between the airport and Old Town.

Lobby was full of journalists, 65 of us from different countries such as Montenegro, Serbia, BiH, Croatia, Macedonia, Ukraine, Germany, Azerbaijan.. We were all guests of Turkish Airlines.

Hotel was luxurious, with a view on the beautiful garden and the Marmara Sea.

Istanbul tour

On Wednesday afternoon, first day of our trip, we want to visit Old Town of Istanbul. After traffic rush, we arrived at our destination. Beautiful architecture and old buildings were breathtaking.

What used to be church, then mosque and now museum, gracious Aya Sofia attracts tourists and population alike.

The next was Sultan Ahmed Mosque. It was built between 1609. and 1616, during Ahmed I. Like other mosques, it has the tomb of its founder, maddressa and atrium.

The next day, we also visited Old Town, Topkapi Palace that is over 400 years old, and was the main residence of Ottoman sultans from 1465. to 1856.

Palace used to be a stage for many historical events and parties, and today is a museum with a valuable collection of artifacts.

TA suffered damages in the military coup

President of Board of Turkish Airlines Iker Ajči spoke at the press conference saying that due to attempted military coup on July 15th, this company had 50 million returned tickets and suffered a lot of damage, but still continued working after only two days.

“All our travelers were placed in our hotels, or taken where they wanted. What matters to us is that our clients are pleased”, Ajči said.

Ajči said that TA strives to get better every day, so clients can expect internet, modern video games, tablets, etc.

Located in the B entrance of the airport, Turkish Avio Academy is one of the leading training centers in Turkey and in the world. It has 16.600 square meters, 60 classrooms and a conference hall with 120 spots.

There are 26 teachers in the Academy, and around 2 000 students.

All pilots and staff of TA take courses every year at the Academy.

Lead instructor Didem Merić said to Weekend Edition of Dnevne Novine daily that luckily there were never any accidents in TA flights.

“Things they learn are not often used but are necessary”, Merić said.

Courses have several parts, in case that the plane falls in the water, there is a fire on board, or different kinds of accidents.

“Real fire fighting trainer” is the part of training that simulates fire on board, and students learn to handle fire extinguishing equipment. Simulations of pressure, smoke, turbulence teaches students to put masks, apply safety belts, etc.

After this, they learn how to jump out of the plane, in the pool. They learn to take care of themselves first, then save as many passengers as possible.

There are courses for future pilots as well. The youngest graduate is 22, and the oldest is 65.

One of the teachers for pilots Ediz Albayrak, a pilot himself, has been flying for 29 years. He opened his cabin to us and showed us how one class looks like.

Turkey will prevail

Ajči said we face new generation of terrorists, but Turkey will survive all attempts of breaking unity.

“After the attempted military coup we have seen that this organization recruits all over the world, and it has money and power. They also have great intelligence services and spies even among us”, he said.

DO&CO catering company

Turkish DO&CO catering company owned by DO&CO and Turkish Airlines was founded in 2007, and does business in 9 gourmet kitchens in Turkey.

During the visit to this company, I attended the procedure of food preparation for TA flights.

Over 200.000 meals are prepared a day, all from fresh ingredients.

DO&CO has chefs on board, and they gather information from travelers. There are 9.000 of them currently. During the flight, they speak to passengers about the quality and taste of food, ask for critiques and suggestions. They are the eyes and ears of the company.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro