Closer to EU in 2018



Montenegro has achieved historic diplomatic results in 2017, and in the next year it will aim at the highest values of the developed democracies, Montenegrin Parliament Speaker Ivan Brajovic has said in a New Year’s greeting.

In the New Year’s greeting for all citizens of Montenegro, Brajovic said that one successful year is behind us , in which, as he said, we all together, achieved historical diplomatic results.

“First of all, I am thinking of joining NATO, thus fulfilling our constitutional obligation and providing a precondition for a safe future for all Montenegrin citizens,” Brajovic said.

Montenegro did not have as much predispositions and chances in its history as we created them in 2018.

“I believe that we will mature and dynamically respond to the tasks, duties and obligations and make Montenegro even closer to the European Union. On this behalf I wish all citizens of Montenegro, at home and abroad, and all people of goodwill Happy New Year. I wish them to spend their holidays in peace, happiness and joy, ” it is saidin

Brajovic’s greeting.

Source: Radio Television Montenegro