Coalition is a big step for Montenegro

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President of the Socialist People’s Party (SNP) Srdjan Milic said that the decision on the pre-election coalition with Demos and Civic Movement URA showed that it was possible to unite in diversity “in order to reach a prosperous, fair and socially responsible state.”

“This is a big step for Montenegro, which deserves to get a new government that will work for the benefit of all its citizens,” Milic said at the meeting with the Greek Ambassador in Montenegro, Sotirios Athanasiou.

Milic, as announced by the SNP, discussed with the Ambassador of Greece the current political situation in Montenegro and informed him about yesterday’s Central Committee decision on the coalition in the parliamentary elections, as well as the program of the realization of the election campaign of the party.

Milic also presented the Greek ambassador with the SNP draft on law Amending the Law on Pension and Disability Insurance, which was submitted in July to the Parliament. SNP reminds that a special Parliament session was scheduled on the occasion of the act on August 30th, but points out that, unfortunately, the majority voted out and rejected the discussion on the proposal.

“The president of the SNP pointed out that in a difficult socio-economic situation of Montenegrin citizens, especially the majority of pensioners, it was basically correct to allow parliamentary debate on the SNP initiative, because the solutions would enable the improvement of the conditions of the pensions calculations. By not voting the agenda some MPs showed what they truly think of a large part of the population and how much they care to improve and meet their basic needs,” it was said in the SNP statement.

Source: Radio Television Montenegro